Mora County

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Pendaries, once thought risky, proves to be a fine investment

    When visiting with friends recently I was asked about our neighbor to the south, Pendaries Village, as it was initially named. This old ranch is just five miles or so up the road from this resort and we had fun watching it become a full- time summer resort and much more.

    Back in the late 1950s the Salk and Sabin vaccines for polio became available to every doctor in this country. My doctor father, Carl Gellenthien, was selected to immunize every person living in this San Miguel, Mora county area.

  • Mora Senior Lunch Menu — April 16, 2017

    The lunch menu for the Mora/Wagon Mound Senior Centers, with coffee and milk served daily.

    Beef enchilada, lettuce and tomato, pinto beans, salsa, crackers, and chocolate pudding

    Chicken salad, creamy cole slaw, glazed carrots, crackers, and cherry cobbler

    Rio Grande pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, potluck roll with margarine, and spice cake

    Baked ham, yams, broccoli, wheat dinner roll, and apple

  • Palabras Pinturescas: Foreign exchange students reconnect with friends

    Surprises happen often and in different ways, thanks to this Palabras Pintorescas column. A phone call from Tim Knight, who lives in Peralta, surprised me. He followed this visit with a fun letter about his 1966 memory of his high school years at Robertson High in Las Vegas.

    His grandparents, Cordelia and John Thomas, had a 40-acre farm just north of Mills and Seventh Street here. They also had the High County Sporting Goods Store on north Grand Avenue back in the ‘60s. Some of us old timers will remember this store, I’ll bet.

  • Mora’s mariachi group performs at concert
  • Mora Senior Lunch Menu — April 2, 2017

    The lunch menu for the Mora/Wagon Mound Senior Centers, with coffee and milk served daily.

    Fidelos con carne, salad with dressing, mixed vegetables, flour tortilla, and orange-pineapple mix

    Chicken fettuccine, carrots and peppers in
    margarine, garlic bread, and pears

    Philly steak sandwich, french fries, broccoli, and cantaloupe

    Pork asada, buttered new potatoes, hominy, flour tortilla, and strawberry shortcake


  • Palabras Pinturescas: This place has maternity room ­— just for cows

    This ranch gets several ranch and agriculture related magazines in the mail every month or so. A recent “The Furrow” had an article about climate change that caught my eyes. Yes, this ranch family read this story with real interest because we rely on the weather (climate change) daily in everything we do here.

  • Palabras Pinturescas: History of Maximiliano Luna worth studying

    This column is fun to write because I (at this late time in my life) learn so much about our area history. A reader called me recently with a question. I had to admit I had no idea what or whom he was talking about. His person of interest had much to do with our Las Vegas area history.

    “What did I know about Maximiliano Luna?” he asked. I had to admit the only thing I knew about that was luna is Spanish for moon and Camp Luna is just north of Las Vegas.

  • Mora Elementary students learn of Black History Month, Mardi Gras

    Submitted to the Optic

    Mora Elementary School students spent two days celebrating Black History Month by learning about the enslaved people in New Orleans.

    The students learned of how the people relentlessly toiled in an unjust system, while working and counting down the days until Sunday, when at least for half a day they were able to congregate in Congo Square.  

  • Palabras Pinturescas: A Who’s Who among old rodeo/reunion sponsors

    The Rough Riders Cowboys’ Reunion program has sparked a lot of interest with my family and friends who come to visit here at the ranch. My last column was about the rodeo events and a description of the colorful brochure sent to me by long- time friends who now live in the Dallas area. I am so glad this place of our Las Vegas history wasn’t thrown away long ago. It is the August 1954 program and two pages contain a listing of contributors who made this big event possible.

  • Enjoying the new digs