Young runners get a head start on fitness

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By Dave Kavanaugh

Nearly 100 youngsters participated in the recent Las Vegas Fiesta Memorial Run’s events for children, and the turnout drew praise from run organizer Joe Whiteman.


“I think it was a real successful event with lots of energy and enthusiasm, lots of families out in the morning sunshine, lots of fun,” Whiteman said. He estimated the 96 children’s run registrants to be an increase of about 20 from 2010.

“A number of kids joined in the costume contest with very imaginative outfits,” Whiteman added.

As part of this year’s events, race organizers had photographer Max Mujynja take pictures of the runners and walkers of all ages. Photos are available for viewing and download online at lvfiestarun.com.

Additional albums can be accessed via picasaweb.google.com/maxmmb.

Additionally, each child who crossed the finish line was rewarded with a T-shirt, bib, goodie bag and a medal.

Participants in the Las Vegas Fiesta Memorial Run children’s events:
Noah Aragon, 10, Las Vegas
Marcus Coca, 12, Las Vegas
Miguel Coca, 11, Montezuma
Cody Craig, 4, Las Vegas
Tyler Craig, 2, Las Vegas
Aliana Crespin, 5, Las Vegas
Marissa Crespin, 4, Las Vegas
Julianna Dominguez, 5, Las Vegas
Kamryn Duenas, 10, Las Vegas
Lucas Escovedo, Rio Rancho
Lorrie Escovedo-Metcalf, Las Vegas
Jacob Estrada, 9, Las Vegas
D.J. Flores, 12, Albuquerque
Angelina Fragua, 5, Belen
Ava Fragua, 3, Belen
Alexis Gallegos, 7, Las Vegas
Denika Gallegos, 11, Rio Rancho
Dylan Gallegos, 9, Las Vegas
Kaleb Gallegos, 2, Las Vegas
Kyuanna Gallegos, 3, Rio Rancho
Savanah Gallegos, 10, Las Vegas
Leandro Garduño, 12, Las Vegas
Kayla Gonzalez, 4, Las Vegas
Natalie Gonzales, 12, Rio Rancho
Hayden Greywolf, 4, El Prado
Keenan Greywolf, 7, El Prado
Deandre Gutierrez, 9, Las Vegas
Storm Gutierrez, 3, Las Vegas
Xzavier Gutierrez, 5, Las Vegas
Bailey Hemminger, 11, Las Vegas
Aric Johnson, 3, Las Vegas
Lauren Johnson, 11, Las Vegas
Mia Johnson, 9, Las Vegas
Angelina Kenny, 10, Taos
Joseph Kenny, 2, Taos
Orea Kenny, 11, Taos
Caelan Loera, 8, Las Vegas
Christian Lovato, 11, Las Vegas
Angel Lucero, Las Vegas
Ariana Lucero, 3, Las Vegas
Joana Lucero, 3, Las Vegas
Antonio Lujan, 5, Las Vegas
Leah Lujan, 11, Las Vegas
Magdalena Lujan, 6, Las Vegas
Therese Lujan, 11, Las Vegas
Hailey Marquez, 8, Las Vegas
MacKenzie Martinez, 5, Las Vegas
Brandon Montaño, 9, Las Vegas
Dominic Montaño, 7, Las Vegas
Alyssa Montoya, 8, Ribera
James Montoya, 5, Las Vegas
Michael Montoya, Ribera
Gabrielle Ortega, 5, Las Vegas
Joshua Ortega, 9, Las Vegas
Charles Ortiz, 7, Las Vegas
Isaiah Ortiz, 8, Las Vegas
Brandon Padilla, 9, Albuquerque
Krislyn Padilla, 12, Las Vegas
Luralyn Padilla, 3, Las Vegas
Jasmine Park, 8, Las Vegas
Ian Parks, 13, Sapello
Alicia Romero, 4, Las Vegas
Amelia Romero, 6, Las Vegas
Nathan Romero, 7, Las Vegas
Amor Roybal, 9, Las Vegas
Alicia Salazar, 10, Albuquerque
Noah Salazar, 12, Albuquerque
Antonio Sandoval, 2, Las Vegas
Ariel Sandoval, 3, Las Vegas
Cassandra Serna, 4, Las Vegas
Iris Silva, 5, Belen
London Silva, 4, Las Vegas
Santiago Silva, 6, Belen
Vicente Silva, 6, Belen
Olivia Skan, 3, Santa Fe
Kaitlyn Stafford, 5, Montezuma
Zach Stafford, 3, Montezuma
Jacob Trujillo, 5, Las Vegas
Meghan Trujillo, 7, Las Vegas
Joshua Valdez, 10, Las Vegas
Victoria Valdez, 12, Las Vegas
Eduardo Vigil, 11, Albuquerque
Jevannah Vigil, 8, Albuquerque
Ryan Weathers, 8, Las Vegas