Writer supports L’Esperance

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Those of us who have signed this letter endorse and are asking our friends and neighbors in Ward 1 to vote for Oliver L’Esperance for city councilor. We believe Mr. L’Esperance is the kind of councilor we need, one who will listen to average families’ interests and who will work constructively with his colleagues in city government.

Mr. L’Esperance has an excellent background for the position as he has lived in Las Vegas all his life. While he and his family currently reside in East Las Vegas he grew up in West Las Vegas, making him particularly suited to representing Ward 1, which extends into both sides of town.

As a business person he knows that getting things done is the bottom-line measure of success and that that is achieved through working together. The current situation on the city council is often full of rancor and division, resulting in gridlock. That needs to end if we are to maintain the unique quality of life we enjoy here in our town.

Mr. L’Esperance has the fortitude to stand up for his constituents and the tact to work with his colleagues on City Council.

We ask you to join us in voting for him in the upcoming run-off election on April 15.

Jay Maiorana
Las Vegas

Editor’s note: The above letter was signed onto by 10 other individuals.