Writer says views mischaracterized

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This is in regards to Marshall Poole’s recent comments to my personal views on abortion. I sense Mr. Poole is frustrated because he can’t counter the biological fact that a fertilized human egg is the earliest stage of a man or woman’s life. He also may be upset that I dare to express my views.

Why did he try to deceive Optic readers by mischaracterizing what I wrote? Then again a typical progressive strategy is to fabricate and divert. Maybe he can dig up something somewhere, where I’ve written anything about “souls,” forced my opinions on anyone, and indicated Pro-Choice people are not sincere in their beliefs. Good Luck!

Finally, all the rationalizations to excuse personal responsibility do not change the reality of Mother Nature, i.e. a human life begins at conception. If anyone can prove me wrong, please enlighten us all with the relevant scientific references in human genetics and reproductive biology.

Frank Splendoria