Writer: Abortion affects another life

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Ms. (Joan) Krohn’s letter is an example of the mostly successful efforts of the pro-abortion folks to gloss over the basic nature of the procedure and paint the anti-abortion folks as narrow-minded, mean-spirited people who are focused on punishing “the sluts” who seek abortion.

The people I know, including myself, who oppose abortion do so not because “you play, you pay” but because abortion is the intentional, elective killing of babies. In this country since the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, we have killed millions of babies, some in the early days of gestation and others in the late stages of pregnancy.

We are not mindlessly anti-choice, as Ms. Krohn characterizes us. We agree that women are the sole judges of the wisdom of all kinds of elective medical procedures that affect their bodies. You want to have a full-body tattoo? Go for it.

You want to pierce various parts of your body? Have at it. You want a facelift or liposuction or a tummy tuck? It’s your business.

What makes abortion different is the fact that another life is involved, something the pro-abortion people are at pains to avoid discussing.

Ms. Krohn’s statement that it’s morally right to trust women is one of those statements that sounds good until you think about it for a moment. The first question that comes to mind from such thought is, “Which women?” Miley Cyrus? Lindsay Lohan?

Should we rely on the wisdom and judgment of those women who patronized the abortion clinic (mill) run by Dr. Gosnell who stood ready with his scissors to snip the spinal cords of babies who survived his abortion procedures?
What’s morally right about that?

Mary Vermillion
Ojo Feliz