A world without race

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By Naomi Gonzales

Imagine walking outside your door and seeing nothing but peace. There’s nobody out there cussing and yelling at each other. Nobody is fighting. Imagine having a world with no race. Everybody full of peace, love and no judgment. Sounds all like a dream, right? It really isn’t; it’s within arm’s reach but nobody seems to realize it.

Why is it that people judge by the color of people’s skin? I don’t understand. The color of your skin does not make you any dumber than any other person or even smarter. So why do people treat race as a way to see if someone is intelligent or not?

Does anybody have an answer for me? No. There is no answer! So why do people insist on doing it anyway? It doesn’t make any sense. It really doesn’t.

For the first time ever in history we have an African-American President. It’s amazing how this can change our culture. And I say our culture because there is no pure race. Everybody has blood from every kind of race. Every single person is alike in some way or another.

It seriously frustrates me how people can be so single- minded. Everybody has rights, everybody has freedom, and everybody would like to be treated as an equal. So let it happen. Nobody has answers for acting horrible to one another.

It’s like the genocide in Darfur. It seems like nobody is willing to help. Why is that? Is it because we need to get paid for doing a good deed?  It should be out of the kindness of our heart that we help. It’s not fair to let them suffer for our selfishness. What if things like that were happening to the people of America? We would ask for help and receive it right away. Why can’t that be for the people that really need it?

Naomi Gonzales  is an Optic intern and a Robertson High School senior. She can be reached at naomig717@msn.com