Woods: I was 'blindsided'

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By Dave Kavanaugh

Ray Woods, who has resigned as Robertson High School’s head football coach, said he was “completely blindsided” by the alleged hazing incident at a team camp last month.

“It was totally unexpected. It breaks me up; I love my boys ... The only thing our coaches have done wrong is that it happened on our watch. And I take responsibility for that.”

“It’s an unfortunate decision of a few individuals that brought this.”

The coach said he’d spoken against hazing the first day the team convened for the fateful camp, which took place 15 miles northwest of town in the Gallinas Canyon.

“On that Monday morning, when we got to camp, we discussed that it’s unacceptable to haze and hurt your brothers. Everything we talk about is brotherhood. We discussed it. We want to build our brothers up; we don’t want to break them down.”

Woods said he was grateful for the treatment he’s received in recent weeks from the community. “Not one person was disrespectful to me, my kids or my family. I want to thank everybody for that ... This has been hard on my family.”

He acknowledged disappointment as well. He said he’d developed a bond with his student-athletes and had looked forward to working with them this season and beyond.

“When I got this job, it was my dream,” he said. “(Robertson is) a school with all the support and love, a school that values physical activity ... It was a perfect situation for me. I wanted to do the best job I could do. My staff and I did our best; we did our best.”

Asked whether he would do anything differently regarding his supervision of the camp if he could, Woods replied, “I learn in everything I do. (But) hindsight is hindsight.”

Woods said he was uncertain about what he and his assistants will do in the immediate future but indicated he wants to coach again.

“I don’t think I’m done by any means.”