Woman has baby on Interstate 25

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By David Giuliani

Las Vegan Patrick Gallegos was speeding 95 mph on the highway early Saturday morning. And a state police officer was chasing him.

But he said he had a good reason for going so fast: His wife, Candelaria, was having a baby.

The two of them had gone to Albuquerque on Friday to shop for Christmas presents. “My wife was walking around a lot that day,” he said.

They returned to Las Vegas around 11 p.m. and three hours later, Candelaria started having contractions.

Some time later, they decided to go to Christus St. Vincent Regional Medical Center in Santa Fe.

“We always have our kids in Santa Fe. That’s where our doctor is,” Patrick said. “I threw everything in the truck, and we got her parents because she wanted her mom there.”

Near Interstate 25’s San Juan-San Jose exit, a state police officer was coming in the other direction. But the officer turned around and chased after the speeding car.

“I was trying to flag the officer, flash my headlights, and I put my hazards on,” Patrick said.

After about five miles, Patrick said his wife started to the feel the head of the baby. They stopped.

“I jumped out of my truck and went to the other side. The state police officer caught up. She (officer) said, ‘What’s going on here?’ I said, ‘We’re having a baby.’”

The baby emerged.

He said the state police officer offered to call an ambulance. She then said she would lead the Gallegoses to the paramedics, who met up with them around Glorieta.

His wife was then taken to St. Vincent.

They named their baby boy, Patrick Carlos Gallegos, who weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces. He has four sisters.