Why not Brandt?

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By Dave Kavanaugh

As NMHU’s baseball team prepares to make a four-hour drive west to Farmington, site of the NCAA Division II Central Regional that lists Highlands as host, some curious fans are asking:

“Why Farmington? Why not Brandt Park, the Cowboys’ actual home field?”

It’s a fair question, and as one fan who contacted the Optic pointed out, league rival Mesa State (in Grand Junction, Colo.) may have a shorter trip than NMHU.

“Lights are really the main issue,” said NMHU Associate Athletic Director Gavino Archuleta. Brandt Park lacks lighting required to host the inevitable night games involved in RMAC and NCAA tournaments. It’s the same reason Highlands has not been able to host on-site baseball tourneys in the past.

What about the city’s Rodriguez Park, home to Luna Community College’s baseball games?

“Rodriguez Park does not have the seating, nor the ability to charge for admission,” Archuleta explained. “Farmington was the next reasonable option. Not only is it one of the best facilities in the state, it is an AA rated ball park.”

Farmington is a longtime host of such events as the Connie Mack World Series and other baseball events.

“If we had lights at Brandt Park we would be in Las Vegas,” Archuleta said. “Hopefully our city and state officials see this as a missed opportunity and will help upgrade our facilities to bring more NCAA and other events to NMHU and Las Vegas.”