Who’s really at ‘war’ with women?

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Is there really a “GOP war on women” as stated in a Sept. 14 letter to the editor, “Reproductive rights an economic issue”?
• Just because conservatives do not want added taxes to pay for redundant programs? Planned Parenthood, state and local agencies already perform abortions and provide contraceptives.
• Just because Big Government is overriding our constitutionally granted religious freedoms and personal beliefs by forcing private organizations to provide such services for others’ lifestyle choices?
And exactly how has the GOP prevented “women from participating in the workforce”? Particularly when the Democratic-controlled government has overthrown all GOP suggestions and bills?
What is to understand about the latest leftist’s propaganda that riles emotions to detract from the dire economic circumstances?
... Who is waging war on women? The White House and it’s EPA’s regulations, fees and fines on business. Only under Democratic rule, and within three years time, of the 23 million unemployed, about half are women.
Mainstream Media fails us. They do not report factually. They mislead well-meaning people who trust their generalities that are void of facts.

Annette Franklin
Editor’s note: In a previous letter by Annette Franklin, printed in the Optic’s Sept. 14 edition, Franklin wrote, “Great damage was done during the Democratic controlled Senate and House from 2006 to 2010: A fact never mentioned by leftist media.” The editor, however, typed in “2001 to 2010,” misreading the handwritten letter.