Where do the children play?

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Those who drink alcohol regularly can get addicted to it very easily. The symptoms of alcoholism range from not being able to drink just a few beers, to black outs, to waking up with the shakes. Alcoholism is a serious disease affecting not just the elderly but our youth as well and can lead to dangerous behavior. Consumers of alcohol affect not just themselves but also their entire families by not coming home, by getting into unwanted fights, by raping or getting raped, by doing drugs, and overall high risk behavior. According to medical research alcoholism  is hereditary, and death can occur to alcoholics who stop drinking without treatment. In-patient facilities are recommended and beneficial to the community at large to help struggling families and their loved ones, get help before it’s too late, like an accident, fights etc. Unless alcoholism is in one’s family there is no way to explain how dreadful it is. Selling booze at or near Little League baseball fields, I feel, sends an inappropriate message.

Was not the Rodriguez ball park donated for the children on the west side? Why now are the children who live in the west neighborhood not allowed to play? The gates are locked! Now they must walk somewhere else or do something else than just play baseball. Lucky are those children who get selected to play in official Little League games. Families who live near the park must tell their children to be very careful walking, riding their bikes or skate boarding during heavy traffic times. These same families near the park will also face an increase in noise pollution and lighting generated by the additional games? Or is their voice not worthy of consideration? Oh I forgot most say just go to a City Council meeting and speak! Well, it’s not easy for those who don’t have babysitters, who are exhausted from working all day, are disabled and or don’t have transportation.

Why on earth were the dog catchers sent to go door to door handing out violation notices up Grant Street and down Montezuma Avenue. To beautify the city, or at least the route to the Rodriguez ball park? (The notices state) that if efforts are not made according to their specifications within 10 consecutive days, liens against said properties could occur. I thought the dog catchers were an (integral) part of our community in maintaining a good working relationship with people for the sake of public safety, but if people fear the dog catchers then dangerous situations could arise very quickly. If an infected animal with rabies attacks a dog, a cat, a child or an adult and the incident goes unreported (for fear of a property code violation), then the disease will not only cause death, but will likely spread to other animals and people.  

Susan Stone Salas

Las Vegas