What re they Building in TOwn?

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-- Anyone know what they are building at Walmart? All of a sudden there are many construction trailers, supplies, and "other stuff" on the south end of the store, by Legion...


-- Whats going on at Allsups at 4 corners? Replacing pumps or renovating or what ????


-- And last, but not least, what about the construction of where the old Bell gas station used to be??


Any Ideas???  Thanks!!1

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Construction Guesses

As the three projects mentioned move along, guesses become possible:

The amount of space taken up by the Allsups project at Mills and Hot Springs suggest a whole new store like the new one on Grand.

The volume of supplies that would fit in the shipping containers at Wal-Mart, combined with the number of scissor lifts parked beside the building suggest a full ceiling replacement to take place quite rapidly once it starts.

The Bell site has now shaped up as a major gas station. (Same brand? Last time I looked the old sign was still there.)

If these guesses are wrong, maybe corrections will come quickly!

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Better Guesses?

The roll-off dumpsters at Wal-Mart were piled high with old shelving and such the other day. Inside information is needed.

Construction at the Bell site now looks very much like the two new Allsups sites. Pump placement is similar to the Mills and Hot Springs site, and the barriers protecting the pump locations and the building locations are the same.

If true, what will be the fates of the University Ave. site and the Seventh Street Extension site?