West teachers should take exam

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Teachers, I’d like to challenge you. I’m a parent of a junior at West Las Vegas High School. Juniors were scheduled to take the Standards Based Assessment (SBA) Exam on March 27 through March 29. I understand that this exam is college based (level) in comparison to what was required in the past years. Which was based on eight-grade level curriculum. I have a major concern that most of these students are highly unprepared due to teachers not focusing on preparing these students.
I understand that Dan Gonzalez is the only teacher vigorously preparing his students for this exam and also gives up his lunch hour to help students who want his additional help.
If our students do not pass the exam, rather than receiving a diploma with their seal, they will receive a certificate of completion and get to walk the line for graduation.
I don’t feel that our students are fully prepared, due to the lack of of preparation. Therefore, I would like to challenge all West Las Vegas High School teachers to take the exam as well, and to get a view of their scores.
Maria Vigil
Las Vegas