West now giving stations equal time

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By David Giuliani

The electronic board outside West Las Vegas High School has had a message in recent times: If you want to follow Dons sports action, listen to KNMX radio station.

Indeed, KNMX plays West games. But then again, so does its rival, KFUN.

So why not include both stations?

West Superintendent Jim Abreu said he had no idea why the sign only included one station, adding that he hadn’t noticed it. But he said the district should give equal time to both. As such, he had the board changed to include both stations earlier this week.

KFUN owner Joseph Baca said someone had pointed out months ago to him that the electronic board only included KNMX, but he decided not to challenge it.

“I figured I should be doing more productive things. I don’t want to get involved in stuff like that,” he said.

Matt Martinez, owner of KNMX, didn’t have a comment.

Abreu said he would like the sign to include more bilingual messages, noting that it had been purchased with bilingual funds. In the state’s perspective, that purchase was made illegally; it happened before Abreu took the helm, and the district’s former bilingual director got in trouble for it.

The district’s other signs don’t advertise KNMX. The one at Tony Serna has been broken since September and still lists West sporting events from that month.

Asked why the district didn’t just turn it off rather than showing old information, Abreu said he would suggest that to the school, which later followed through.