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A thought people should know who West Las Vegas is about to hire for there Head Coach Position in Volleyball... Felix Flores is disceiving human being... Parents I hope you are ready for this guy that is about to coach your daughters... Cause you guys don't know this guy... Check out his back ground... First things first... I hope you are ready for a coach to come in this district that is not a drug free person... I wouldnt doubt it if we would go to practice High on WEED!!! Coaches are suppose be role models and keep students away from DRUGS... But not Felix Flores... And not only does he talk Bad about the Board Members and Principle at this school but he also puts girls down for not doing excatly what he wants... He puts them down instead of encoarging them and getting them where they need to be... Felix Flores is not the right Candidate for the position... I only hope that they do Drug testing at West Las Vegas. And really know what kind of Coach they are about to hire... Parents look into this and stand up for what is right... And just a hint... Do a unexcepted drug test on him and you will know what I am talking about... but if he knows that you will drug test him before hand he will be prepared for it... He goes out and buys this certain liquid that he drinks to clean him out so you will not find any trace of WEED or any other drug he might be using...   This Is a warning to all... Please take this serious I am here to help...

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Naomi Needs to Provide Proof

This is a potentially slanderous post. I have no idea who this coach is, but this person should be prohibited from posting comments like this without providing substantive proof to backup up her allegations. For all we know this is an ex-boyfriend of hers who she is trying to "get back" at. Please remove this comment, as it is offensive! It sounds like this women has a personal vandetta against this coach. If her allegations are true, then she should pursue them through the proper channels, instead of using the court of public opinion to slander this persons name and character. Naomi apparently does not have much integrity to post such baseless accusations without providing proof!