We must continue to trust women

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“Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan” are examples of women who cannot be trusted. This is according to Mary Vermillion in her Optic letter of Sept. 27 regarding abortion. If one of these two misbehaving celebrities should find herself in an unplanned (or crisis) pregnancy, no choice for her! This raises a critical question: If you can’t trust a woman with a choice, how can you trust her with a baby?

But we know that today she does have a choice and she will make a decision. Hundreds of women face this very decision every day. And the government must stay out of it. This is a deeply personal decision for a woman, her family and with her doctor. Her decision may or may not be what you or I like, but it is for her to make and to live with.

The people of the United States have placed moral value in personal responsibility and freedom. Our New Mexico families do not need government interference in these private decisions. We do not know all the specific circumstances an individual faces. We can and we must: Trust Women! Otherwise, are women much more than slaves?

Today in Las Vegas, there are children whose parents, at times, cannot set a table with food. Also, parents may not be able to provide children with warm coats for school. Why not focus on helping these families with food and clothing?

Must we continue this argument about reproductive freedom when many children are suffering right now? The Optic reported in a Sept. 30 editorial titled Invest in Children that “there are still children out there who are not getting the services they need.” Findings are “reinforcing the importance of home visits to at-risk families, prekindergarten and childcare assistance.” The basics of food and clothing along with the social services mentioned, these are genuinely “pro-life.” If crisis pregnancy is the sole focus of a pro-life stance, it is about as admirable as the outlandish behavior of Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan.  

Joan Krohn
Las Vegas