School Breakfast and Lunch Menu - Wagon Mound

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School Breakfast and Lunch Menu - Wagon Mound
August 2014

Monday - 11th
B: Breakfast combos, cold cereal, peach cups, fruit juice
L: Corn dogs, potato wedges, salad bar

Tuesday - 12th
B: Toast, creamy wheat, peanut butter/jelly, bananas, pears
L: Bean tostadas, spanish rice, salsa, salad bar

Wednesday - 13th
B: Quesadilla with ham, green chile, fruit juice, pineapple chunks, cold cereal
L: Chicken strips, scalloped potatoes, corn, toast, salad bar

Thursday - 14th
B: Blueberry muffins, cold cereal, fruit juice, plums
L: Tortilla burger, lettuce/tomato, french fries, salad bar

Friday - 15th

Monday - 18th
B: Scrambled eggs, hash browns, tortillas, cold cereal
L: Pepperoni pizza, chicken wings, salad bar

Tuesday - 19th
B: Waffles, cold cereal, fruit juice, fresh fruit
L: Chicken taco, spanish rice, salsa, salad bar

Wednesday - 20th
B: English muffins, green chile, creamy wheat, fruit juice, peaches
L: Lasagna with ground beef, rolls, salad bar

Thursday - 21st
B: Biscuits, sausage gravy, fruit juice, cold cereal, watermelon
L: Grilled chicken sandwich, lettuce/tomato, tator tots, salad bar

Friday - 22nd

Monday - 25th
B: Breakfast on a stick, syrup, cold cereal, fruit juice, nectarines
L: Burritos, chile con carne, salad bar

Tuesday - 26th
B: Sausage biscuit, cold cereal, green chile, fruit juice, grapes
L: Turkey sandwich, lettuce/tomato, pork & beans, salad bar

Wednesday - 27th
B: Egg/cheese burrito, salsa, fruit juice, kiwi
L: Chicken and noodles, broccoli, cheese sauce, crackers, salad bar

Thursday - 28th
B: Yogurt, granola, blueberries, cold cereal
L: Salisbury steak, mashed potaotes, green beans, biscuits, salad bar

Friday - 29th

(Milk is served with every meal. Menu is subject to change without notice.)