Waggin' Tail reborn as Abundancia

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By Lee Einer

The Waggin’ Tail Mercantile, long the thrift store that raised money for The Animal Support Center, or TASC, is no more.

Linzy Behrs, former acting chairwoman of CATS (which has now merged with animal support group ASAP), recently accepted the assignment of renovating the establishment, which now has new looks, new merchandise, and a new name - Abundancia.

Abundancia is Spanish for “abundance,” Behrs says, and that is what she hopes the reinvented store will attract. Along with a new name, Abundancia has a new business plan; the store will focus on upscale items and artwork instead of the usual thrift store fare.

“I only accept gently used or donated new items,” Behrs said.

Gone are the clutter, the 25-cent articles of clothing, the worn-out, damaged and broken items that are typical of thrift stores. New are artists’ prints and attractive displays.

New also is the work of Jack Cote, a local artist who creates children’s stools fancifully carved and painted as apples, ladybugs, flowers.

Behrs said she aims to showcase the work of Rancho Valmora students, some of whom volunteer at TASC. Plans to exhibit and sell the art of Rio Gallinas students are also in the works.

All proceeds of Abundancia go toward the support of TASC. Abundancia is at 1822 Seventh street in Las Vegas. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday.