Voters made the right choice

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Congratulations to Tonita for her well deserved, hard fought and clean run-off win. Tonita’s victory has broken the cycle of the influence of self-seeking individuals, affluent citizens, selective business owners, political cronies and big money which have divided our community for many decades. With Tonita’s win along with councilman David Romero’s re-election the people will continue to have a voice as our community moves forward.

I also wish to commend the Optic for its editorial about the “shameful and abuse of power” by Mayor (Alfonso) Ortiz and city attorney Dave Romero.

Thank you the voters of Ward 1 for the trust and support you showed by getting out the vote and also a big, big, mil gracias  to the committee members who worked so hard to re-elect both Tonita and David. Let’s work twice as hard in two years when its our turn to go after incumbents.

Lorenzo Flores
Las Vegas