Vote on Tuesday

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By Optic Editorial Board

Judge races. Two county commission seats. Sheriff and assessor posts. And of course two state representative positions.
Those are the local elected positions that San Miguel County Democrats will decide or else play a key role in deciding during Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Sure the General Election is in November, but the vast majority of San Miguel County races will be decided Tuesday because no Republicans filed for the posts. The lone exception in San Miguel County is the Division 1 Magistrate judge post. In that race, three Democrats — Las Vegas Police Chief Christian Montaño, paralegal Ruth E. Trujillo and businessman Mark Dominguez are competing for the Democratic nomination. The person prevailing in that race will face Republican attorney Eddy M. Gallegos in the General Election in November.

The Optic’s editorial board has already weighed in on most of these races. Whether you agree with our picks isn’t important. What is important is that if you are eligible to vote that you exercise your right to do so.

Only registered Republicans and Democrats can cast ballots Tuesday. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eligible voters can cast their ballots at any one of four convenience centers: Robertson’s Michael Marr Gym, West’s Gillie Lopez Gym, the Valley Junior High School Gym and the Pecos High School Gym. Voters in several rural precincts will also be able to vote at their regular polling places.

There are no local contested races in the Republican Primary. Below are the contested Democratic races on the ballot:
• State Representative, District 70: Tomás Salazar, Richard D. Vigil;
• State Representative, District 40: Bengie Regensberg, Nick L. Salazar;
• 4th Judicial District Judge: Anna M. Aragon, Suzanne Gaulin, Gerald E. Baca;
• Magistrate Judge, Division 1: Christian E. Montaño, Mark A. Dominguez, Ruth E. Trujillo;
• San Miguel County Commissioner, District 1: Rock G. Ulibarri, Ron R. Ortega;
• San Miguel County Commissioner, District 3: Arthur J. Padilla, Albert J. Padilla;
• San Miguel County Assessor: Patricia D. Gallegos, Roland Medrano, Alex P. Aragon, Joe A. Lucero;
• San Miguel County Sheriff: Joseph Vigil, Gary John Gold, William E. Cruz, Ben J. Lujan, Charles Pacheco;
• San Miguel County Probate Judge: Gerald R. Garcia, Charlynne Charli Otero, Lawrence J. Vigil.

In Mora County, there are three contested Democratic races:
• Mora County Commissioner, District 1: Paula A. Garcia, Joseph JD Weathers;
• Mora County Commissioner, District 2: John Paul Olivas, Randall J. Regensberg; George A. Trujillo
• Mora County Sheriff: Greg M. Laumbach, Donaciano Trujillo, Americk Padilla, Eugene Martin Garcia, Robert J. Torres.