Victim: I didn’t provoke attack

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By David Giuliani

A recent stabbing victim said this week that he did nothing to provoke the attack, despite what the suspect is telling the police.

Apolinario Gonzales, 26, got out of the hospital on Friday after more than a week there. He said the suspect, Louis G. Paredes, 23, stabbed him twice, in the upper and lower torso.

“I’m in severe pain. I won’t be able to work for a long time,” said Gonzales, whose business is Gonzales Handyman Services.

Paredes faces a charge of aggravated battery.

According to state police, Paredes attacked Gonzales near the hot baths at United World College. Both men went there with others in the early evening of July 31.

Gonzales called Paredes an acquaintance and said he had no idea that Paredes would want to attack him.

In a statement to police, Paredes contended that Gonzales had done a number of things to provoke the attack, including kissing Paredes’ girlfriend and urinating on Paredes’ car. Paredes also told officers that Gonzales threatened to sodomize him with a broomstick, an apparent reference to sexual assaults during a Robertson High School football camp last year.

“I know people who have been victims of sex crimes. I wouldn’t make fun of anybody in a situation like that, and I don’t condone those types of actions,” Gonzales said.

 “I nearly lost my life, and I thought he (Paredes) was let out of jail too easily,” Gonzales said.

Gonzales said all of Paredes’ claims were untrue. “I understand that he is trying to cover up what he did,” he said.

Gonzales said he wanted to correct the record about what happened, saying Paredes’ untrue statements about him were damaging to his reputation.

Gonzales said he and his wife, Tanya Gonzales, contribute to the community in various ways.

“We try to give back to our fellow Las Vegans,” he said.