Vegas students build replicas

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By Don Pace

Building replicas of Las Vegas landmarks was a fun project for Lauri Madrid’s second-grade class at Paul D. Henry Elementary.

Displayed along the hall outside Madrid’s classroom were miniatures of places like K-Bobs, Plaza Hotel, Fort Union Drive-in and Robertson High School. Gabriella Tafoya said she was a big Cowboy fan and wanted to resurrect the old Highlands highrise.

Tafoya took a 4-by-4 block of wood and painted windows and the name of her favorite team, the Cowboys, to complete her project.

“I like the highrise because it’s history — it was pretty cool,” she said.

Madrid said the social studies project was a family affair.

“The students all had very creative ideas. It was a parent-child project because it’s important to involve parents in the education of their children. We had a 100 percent commitment; everyone contributed to the miniature town.”

Building designs ranged from simple to complex, one student brought in a completely framed house that surely took some time and expertise to put together.

R.J. Ortiz built a replica of Robertson High School because he said his dad works there. He said he also learned a lot about the school in the process.

“There’s a lot of kids there. I can tell you that right now. They do a lot of classes, and they have a gym with stairs going up to the classrooms. I sometimes go to wrestle and play football with my friends Noah and Richard.”

A few of the miniatures will be displayed at Price’s Ilfeld during American Education Week.