Vegas man plans to retire home loan with lottery prize

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By The Staff

Quirino Baca matched all five numbers — 5, 9, 16, 18 and 33 — in the Roadrunner Cash drawing for Dec. 8, but the 38-year-old construction foreman in Las Vegas didn’t know he was a prize winner until a week later when his daughter checked the ticket for him at a lottery retailer.

Quirino Baca and his wife, Yvonne, waited in their truck where they could see 18-year-old Ashley through the store window.

“She started jumping up and down,” Yvonne Baca recalled. “Then she came running out and said she was getting a car for Christmas. Then she ran back into the store.”

Still unaware that their ticket was a prizewinner, the Bacas waited another 10 minutes before following their excited daughter inside and hearing the news.

Is Ashley getting a car for Christmas?

“We haven’t decided yet,” Yvonne Baca said, smiling at her daughter, “but we know we’re going to pay off the house.”

Ashley, a nursing student enrolled at Luna Community College, agreed that the paying off the home loan would be a wise financial decision.

Quirino Baca purchased his ticket at Franken Tire & Convenience at 612 Mountain View in Las Vegas. This lottery retailer has sold 18 other large prize winning tickets ranging between $1,000 and $39,000.