Vegan treats - Celebrity chef pushes healthy eating

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By Mercy Lopez

The smell of sautéed bell peppers, onions and garlic filled the air for a special cooking event on Monday evening.

Celebrity chef Mark Anthony created a special vegan dinner for roughly 100. The event was held at Luna Community College.

The menu included Southwest vegan cutlets, textured vegetable protein tacos, chile, watermelon and all the fixings.

“It is very good and I’m going to try to make it at home,” said Dorothy Gonzales of Sapello.

Anthony’s culinary creation was completely vegan with no animal byproducts. The tacos were made from textured vegetable protein mixed with taco seasoning and sautéed diced onions. His chile included tomato sauce, whole canned tomatoes, cumin, several types of beans and chile powder. The Southwest vegan cutlets were made with vital wheat gluten, bread crumbs and onions.  He also sliced up a whole watermelon in rapid speed.

Anthony said the meal is completely healthful. Throughout his live cooking segment he quoted Dr. Oz and others.

“Cooking is a science and probably the most valuable of all sciences because it is so important to get your body healthy,” Anthony said.

Las Vegas resident and former home economics teacher Kathy Leger said the meal tasted great.

Anthony, a resident of Las Vegas, Nev., has catered and served as personal chef to various celebrities including Jack Nicklaus, Joan Jett, Journey and several others.

“Try to eat something that is a plant, not something that was manufactured in a plant,” Anthony said.