Untwisting concerns

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In my letter to the editor a few weeks ago, I disagreed that the size of a solitary confinement cell was “torture” as subjectively defined by Amnesty International (AI). I made no comment on the term of confinement. Yet, in Judy Bennett’s recent letter, she extrapolates and construes that I am “barbaric” and “(he) condones the violence that permeates our society.”

Malicious hyperbole like this is uncalled for. On one hand she claims moral superiority, and then on the other she disparages me for simply having a differing opinion than hers.

Furthermore, to her and AI’s dismay, I still do not believe someone who is confined to a heated and air-conditioned room of some 100 square feet, which has a bed, stool, toilet, sink, and maybe a window and TV, is considered “torture.” Oh yes, let’s not forget the three squares per day.

If you’re in solitary confinement, you’ve obviously been very bad. In my book, it’s called punishment, and you deserve it.
Frank Splendoria