University appoints vice presidents

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By The Staff

New Mexico Highlands President Jim Fries has a appointed a vice president of academic affairs and a vice president of finance and administration.

Gilbert Rivera, who served as the university’s interim vice president for academic affairs during the previous year, was selected to permanently fill the position.

“It’s been a pleasure working at New Mexico Highlands, and I look forward to a strong future,” Rivera said.

Rivera has a long history with New Mexico Highlands, beginning as a professor of mathematics in 1973, and serving as the university’s vice president of academic affairs from 1985 to 1996, when he retired.

“Gilbert Rivera brought a real sense of stability and professionalism to the university as the interim vice president of academic affairs and has broad support from across the campus,” Fries said. “I’m delighted he’s willing to continue his responsibilities on a more permanent basis.”

Bill Taylor, who served as the dean of the university’s School of Business since 2005, was appointed interim vice president of finance and administration.

Taylor served as the assistant director for fiscal policy from 2003 to 2005 in the state Legislative Finance Committee. He is also a budget trainer for the National Conference of State Legislatures and International Republican Institute, and served as the budget advisor to the Senegal

Steve Wilson has served in the finance vice president’s position for five months. He left that post this week.