Union leader angry over recall effort

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This letter is long overdue. I am writing on behalf of AFSCME Local 2851 city of Las Vegas employees on the issue of the attempt to recall our mayor, Alfonso E. Ortiz Jr. of this great community. As an employee of the city, a lifelong resident and constituent I am infuriated at this vain attempt by a few malcontents who have gone to great lengths to recall our mayor, and I am truly saddened to see those large billboards with his image and the national attention regarding the issue.

It is rare to find a public servant of his stature and unblemished reputation to serve his community and this city with an unselfish agenda to bring additional funding and recognition to this fine community that he calls home. Those of you who signed the petition without knowing the facts should be ashamed.

Benito Lujan
President AFSME Local 2851