Understanding why mother ran

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As a father, I understand completely why Rebecca Montoya had to flee to protect her children. As a parent if you don’t protect your children, who will? In my opinion, custody should have never been granted to Tomas Lucero just because he is a state police officer.

That does not make him a good dad, much less a good husband. Can you believe Judge Abigail Aragon dismissed three separate domestic violence petitions, for what reason I do not know. That’s what everyone is wondering who knows Rebecca. Is it because she has a working relationship with the state police as mentioned in the paper?

Once again, politics at it’s best, but this time two small children are involved, which makes me very upset. ...

(I believe) she fled to protect herself and her children. Rebecca has always been outstanding citizen of Las Vegas and is well educated.

Everything written in the article makes my blood boil, that it even came down to her having to leave to get out of the situation. People need to stand up for what’s right.

You have read all the abuse and killings going on in Albuquerque with the city police. Please don’t let the abuse continue in the beautiful small town of Las Vegas. Take care of it before it gets worse. Abigail needs to step aside of her biases and let a neutral judge hear this case and let justice prevail.

Good luck, Rebecca, just know there are a lot of people behind you and supporting you to the fullest. The truth will set you free.

Kevon J. Oneal