Ulibarri a woman of her word

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As a Robertson High School graduate of 2012, I am deeply saddened by the Las Vegas City Schools’ ...   decision to not rehire Ms. Darlene Ulibarri as Robertson High School’s principal for the academic year of 2013-2014. Throughout my four years of high school, the time spent under Ms. Ulibarri’s direction was the absolute best. As a member of several clubs and organizations as well as a Student Council officer, I had the privilege of working hand in hand with her.

Ms. Ulibarri was a woman of her word and never let the school down. We the class of 2012 had the privilege of being firsthand witness to the change of administration leadership that took place in our school. Ms. Ulibarri possesses great leadership skills and has demonstrated her ability in leading a successful school. Ms. Ulibarri has fought for students’ rights and has implanted new curriculum to raise every student’s state test scores. These are just a few items that this individual has done for Robertson High School and the Las Vegas City Schools District.

I am urging the Las Vegas City Schools Board to reconsider its decision in not rehiring Ms. Ulibarri.

Matthew J Lopez
Las Vegas