Udall campaigns in Las Vegas

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By Don Pace

Tom Udall ended his two-week “Doing Right By New Mexico Tour” in his campaign for U.S. senator with a rally in Las Vegas.

“The reason we’re finishing our tour in Las Vegas is because this has been one of my banner counties in all the years that I’ve run for office, and I hope to get everyone excited and geared up and move into these last 70 days of the campaign,” said Udall, a Democrat who has represented northern New Mexico in Congress for a decade.

With mariachis playing in the background, the congressman’s wife, Jill, who has joined him on the tour, said, “There’s no place like Las Vegas for this kind of spirit. It’s just unique in New Mexico, we go everywhere, but there’s nothing like this. Las Vegas is where we always like to finish up because it’s where all the Democrats have the most spirit and the most enthusiasm in the whole state.”

Udall capped a two-week swing through the state exchanging ideas with New Mexicans about how to get the country back on track. He told the Optic his campaign is going well.

“We’re focusing on being positive with people. I don’t think people like my opponent being so negative. He’s Mr. No and Mr. Negative,” Udall said, referring to Republican Steve Pearce.

He said with the economy suffering and prices for gas, food, health care and education climbing higher every day, New Mexico needs a leader who will put its interests first.

After leaving Las Vegas, Udall headed for the Democratic National Convention in Denver. He worked with Joe Biden, the vice presidential nominee, as a special projects assistant during the summer of 1973, right after he was elected to office.

“I’ve known Joe Biden as a dedicated public servant who will work for change and bring our party and our country together. This is a ticket that will put the interests of the country before the special interests, and that will fight for the middle class at home and restore America’s leadership overseas,” Udall said.

“As a congressman I’ve always done what I’ve believed is right for New Mexico and I know that senators Obama and Biden will do what’s right for America in the White House,” the congressman said. “I look forward to working with them as a U.S. senator both on issues of concern to New Mexico and on restoring the promise of a brighter future for all Americans.”