Two on Luna board getting a bad rap

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As a former employee of Luna Community College, it bothers me to read all the negative press Luna Community College gets in the Optic.

I admire board members Dan Romero and Ernie Chavez for having the guts and fortitude to speak up and ask questions at duly approved board meetings. However, the Optic makes it appear that they are the culprits responsible for the alleged “downfall” of LCC.

These gentlemen are not the ones responsible for the declining enrollment, or for submitting declining enrollment figures.

Neither have they attempted to give $17,000 pay raises to family members employed at Luna, or attempted to modify the nepotism laws to benefit themselves.

Now, attorneys are being brought to board meetings to apply “scare tactics” to intimidate Mr. Romero and Mr. Chavez into “backing off” ... and thus allowing certain board members to continue the charade at LCC.

Why doesn’t the Optic expose the real culprit on the board so Luna can move forward and receive a positive accreditation review?

Moise Medina
Former vice president for
student services at Luna