Two issues that show ineptitude

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Over the past year I have resisted the temptation to complain about local governmental events affecting Las Vegas citizens but now I am angry.  Two items have recently shown the ineptitude of appointed and elected officials.  

The first is the absence of audits in the East Las Vegas school system. This is not just an oversight, it was done on purpose. It is illegal and someone should be held accountable, not just reprimanded or fired.

It is most interesting that the school system had no audits but they still knew that they had to place a huge additional financial burden on the landowners to correct a bookkeeping error. How did they arrive at this conclusion when they have had no audit to know how much money they have?  

Secondly, my wife and I have lived in Las Vegas for seven years and the government has diddled around with the water problem since we came to town and I am told it has been going on for many years before.

Cheap water, leaky pipes, unpaid bills, water theft and no conservation are just a few of the things frequently mentioned that could affect the water supply. Yet our mayor and the council again pay consultants to tell us the obvious. Oh, now we need to spend multi-millions to suddenly improve a system everyone has known was broken for years. But we can’t just institute low-cost changes first and see the effect; instead we have to increase citizen’s water bills 500 percent. Did anyone bother to figure out how much that will be? And what do we get for that money? More projects that are contracted out.

Contractors will be making millions of dollars and we still won’t have a decent water system because the pipes will still leak, the bills will still be unpaid, water will still be stolen, and there still won’t be a reasonable conservation system in place.

Fix the city water pipes and improve billing procedures and institute conservation first before paying outrageous sums for questionable solutions.

The mayor needs to reconsider his reasoning before someone takes him, and the rest of the local government, seriously.

Milton Deemer
Las Vegas