Two flags, one sign of trouble

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One week ago today, I went to drop off my garbage at the one of the county collection sites. The time was 10:30 in the morning. As I passed the elementary school located adjacent to the “solid waste disposal facility,” I noticed that the national and state flags were improperly displayed. First, the New Mexico state flag was on top of the U.S. flag.

Second, the U.S. flag was inverted. After removing and appropriately stowing/securing my concealed firearm, I walked into the school to the registrar’s office. I asked the person (adult) behind the counter if there was an emergency and if I might help. The question was met with a rather confused and questioning stare. I finally explained that the flag was inverted and that was a sign of a life-or-death emergency.

After some hemming and hawing around, the person behind the counter told me that there was no emergency and that the “man” would be contacted to change it. Satisfied with that response, I retreated from the school and returned to my vehicle, which was in a good position to watch the flag’s position changed.

The person who was behind the counter evidently could not raise “the man” and proceeded outside to do the task. The flags were lowered, the U.S. flag was detached and reattached upright and the flags were again raised — New Mexico flag on top! I again left my vehicle, walked up to the person (now returning to the school) and advised them that the U.S. flag was to be flown on top.

Without a word, the person again lowered the flags and finally raised them in proper order.

As I mentioned, it was 10:30 in the morning. The flag is visible to each and every person arriving at the school. Indeed, there is but one way to approach the school and that includes passing by the flagpole. It makes me wonder just how many parents, bus drivers, teachers and even knowledgeable students (and yes, 5th graders should know this stuff!) saw the flags being flown like that and did not even mention it to anyone.
And I wonder why not?

William Post
Las Vegas