Two East employees on leave

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By David Giuliani

Two employees at Robertson High School have been placed on leave for “inappropriate” activities, the superintendent said Monday.


Superintendent Rick Romero confirmed information that cheerleading coach Krystle King was placed on leave last week for allegations of “inappropriate behavior” and counselor Amadee Duran on suspicion of “inappropriate contact.”

Romero said the district found out about the allegations against both women on Friday. But he said the situations are separate and that it was a coincidence it happened on the same day.

King, a former Fiesta queen, is on contract as the cheerleading coach, a position she has held since the fall of 2008. The year before that, she had a similar job at West Las Vegas High School.

King, the daughter of Robertson Principal Eddie King, also reads the news on KNMX-AM radio station.

When she was the cheerleading coach at West, King got in some hot water with her superiors. Photos were posted on the Internet of her and some of her cheerleaders at what appeared to be a party. They were holding plastic cups, but officials couldn’t determine whether they contained alcoholic beverages.

Romero wouldn’t give any details on the allegations against King or Duran. He said the Las Vegas police are aware of both situations.

He said the Police Department informed his office about the allegations against King on Friday;  people approached the district about Duran that same day, he said.

“I believe in the Las Vegas City Schools and Robertson High School. We will persevere,” Romero said.

Romero said the district is conducting its own personnel investigations into the allegations.

Police Chief Gary Gold confirmed that the police were investigating both Duran and King. He said they were conducting interviews and would discuss the matters with the district attorney at the end of the day.

Since 2008, Robertson has had a number of sex scandals. In the fall of 2008, five varsity football players were charged in connection with sodomizing others with broomsticks during a football camp. Two have entered plea agreements with prosecutors, while three others are set to go on trial early next year.

A month ago, Robertson teacher and coach Jay Quintana was charged with multiple counts of sexually abusing a female student. And Robertson Principal Richard Lopez resigned after being placed on leave over allegations that he sexually harassed a job applicant.