Try running a real business

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Very seldom and rare is the politician who has had to make payroll, pay utilities on his own office, or worry about his staff’s insurance, etc. Oh sure, they see that these things get done, but the building they work in is not their own — if a water leak develops, they just call maintenance.

Our politicians have rarely held a job that didn’t draw their budget from the taxpayer.  Politicians rarely have to worry about their enterprise bringing in enough for the week’s or month’s payroll.

Rather than rent their offices from locals who provide office space/rental properties, these career politicians just have some other politician build them an office building at the taxpayer’s expense.

Just one of our elected elites ought to try running a business based on their own acumen, entrepenurial and business know-how. Our politicians are spoiled by us taxpayers, and they don’t know anything but passing on fees and tax hikes on the poor taxpayer to maintain their own lifestyle. Their hubris is such that they then look down their noses at anyone who “makes a living.”  They give you “attitude.”

We have many local county and state politicians who continue to force us to provide their salaries even after they’ve “retired” and “retired” and “retired.” We provide for their salaries, medical coverage, retirement, transportation, office space (they don’t even rent local facilities to circulate the money brought to our locale).         

They take up jobs others could fill, but they plug that hole for years.

Come now our own city fathers. They hire consultants who can only repeat their mantra of “higher fees and rates” (taxes), while they continue to receive their exorbitant consultation fees. Our city “fathers” can only ape their “consultants” mantra for more and higher taxes, fees and water rates, etc. No jobs, just taxes.

Emilio Aragon
Las Vegas