Trujillo leaves cleanup panel

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By David Giuliani

City Councilman Louie Trujillo resigned this week as chairman of the Keep Las Vegas Beautiful Committee, saying the mayor and council weren’t taking beautification issues seriously enough.

“I don’t really feel the beautification of the city has been supported by the mayor and the council,” he said. “It’s been disappointing that the leadership hasn’t taken a more active role in cleaning up the city.”

Trujillo said he believed that the city’s support would decline further once he left the council. Because of a voter-mandated reduction in the council’s size, Trujillo’s council seat disappears when his term expires in March.

The Keep Las Vegas Beautiful Committee has organized litter cleanup days, eradicated graffiti, painted such things as the Plaza gazebo and Bridge Street bridge, and attempted to raise awareness about beautification issues.

“The cleanups have had more volunteers because of our bringing more awareness,” Trujillo said.

He has served as chairman for the last eight years and was a member for four years before that. He said he is leaving the committee entirely now but may come back in time.

He said he will be evaluating candidates in the March municipal election to see which ones come out strongest for local beautification.

Trujillo has continued to push for strong litter and beautification ordinances.

“I feel like these issues need to be brought to the forefront,” he said.

He said he was stepping back for a while from politics and would be an “active observer,” with a possible return to politics later.

Mayor Henry Sanchez defended his administration’s record when it came to beautification.

“If anyone’s taken it seriously, it’s been our administration. We put money into it, and we have crews working on it,” he said. “We have people coming to our community who haven’t see it in years and say how much it has improved.”