Tracing claim to its source

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In her Sept. 19 letter to the Optic, Annette Franklin claims that “Who among these people, know Obamacare will soon allow government confiscation of … financial accounts?” She claims she gets information from non-partisan sources, yet an Internet search of that charge turned up references to a pass-around, far right e-mail from several years ago, before the healthcare legislation had even been finalized and passed.

I finally found a piece published in 2009 by PolitiFact.com writer Angie Drobnic Holan (“E-mail ‘analysis’ of health bill needs a check-up”) which dealt with Franklin’s claim, among many other dubious health-care claims contained in that pass-around e-mail.

Holan concludes that “The legislation generically describes typical electronic banking transactions and does not outline any special access privileges.”

Not to worry, Ms. Franklin; the corporate power elite in this country already have most of the nation’s wealth anyway.  

Kim Reed-Deemer
Las Vegas