A Touch of Jazz - Quartet ready for acoustic adventure at Pendaries

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Submitted to the Optic
Take advantage of Jazz Sunday at the Pendaries Community Center when the talented and versatile Smooth Riders Jazz Quartet present their 2012 tone mix from San Miguel County’s ready bounty of acoustic adventures. Their show starts at 3 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 9 at the Pendaries Community Center.  Here is what’s in store for you:
Wielding sticks and brushes, Ralph Marquez lays down the law, daring the wicked to cross that line of flawless time. This trapper and skinner riffs the streets beneath the feet of the good, bad and ugly, making them all dance.
Bruce Holmes carries a sax on his hip, and employs it fearlessly. Formerly of the Saints gang, Holmes carries New Orleans jazz in his soul, and exacts melodic justice faster than a speeding bullet.
Kevin Zoernig, with flight fingers on ebony and ivory, delivers evenhanded judgment to all the dissonant and consonant he encounters.
Edward Harrington lays out the foundation on a wooden scaffold where four taught ropes swing in the high desert breeze, ready for execution.
The Smooth Riders have banded together to produce reverberations that can mollify the prickliest of apprehensions or revive the gloomiest psyche. Their law is Jazz, Swing, Latin, and Bop and they live by the law they profess.
With that sort of approach to Sunday afternoon jazz, we are bound to have a great time. Tickets at the door are $9, $8 for Las Vegas Arts Council members.