Torres is fiesta mutton-busting champ

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Up next: barrel racing

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Janelle Torres can check Mutton Busting off her bucket list for the second year in a row. Next up for the 7-year-old Cleveland native? How about barrel racing? It’s the next logical step.

Torres, who is starting second grade at Mora Elementary, rode to a championship in Mutton Busting on July 26 at the Mora Fiestas Rodeo.

“This was her second time doing Mutton Busting,” her proud father Robert Torres said.

She earned her second trophy for her collection  by winning back-to-back championships in 2013 and 2014.
Janelle’s 2-year-old horse, “Hannah,” named after the Miley Cyrus character Hannah Montana is just 11 months from being tamed.

Janelle is anxious for her dad to tame and train her horse in the spring of 2015 so that she and her sister, Danette, can compete in the barrel racing event come summer of 2015.