Tony Marquez Jr. Fitness Challenge 2011 Winners

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Overall Grand Champion
George Martinez (35 lbs., 3.3 percent body fat lost; currently at 7 percent body fat)

Female-Male Partners
1. Michelle Valdez and Charles Martinez
2. Carol and Peter Linder
3. Isaac and Marie Salazar

Female-Female Partners
1. Stephanie and Lori Gonzales
2. June Tafoya and Edwina Gonzales

Male, 16-35
1. Brad Minor
2. Chris Tafoya
3. James Romero

Male, 36-55
1. Jerry Lopez
2. Jesus Botello
3. David Gonzales

Male, 56+
1. Carlos Thomas
2. Robert Pacheco
3. Amos Estrada

Female, 16-35
1. Ali Gonzales
2. Natasha Padilla
3. Verlee Garcia

Female, 36-55
1. Rita Castellano
2. Rosalie Sanchez
3. Tasha Martinez, Loretta Abreu Martin

Honorable Mentions
Johnny Martinez (12 lbs. lost)
Casandra Fresquez (12)
Hank Segura (12)
Albert Tafoya (10.5)
Bret Campos (8)
Devon SIlva (7)
Henry Salazar (6)
Aston Morris (6)
Vanessa Montaño (5)
Robert Sena

Notes: Some 270 area residents took part in the Challenge, which ran from Jan. 24 through March 18 ... Contestants vied to shed the most total pounds and lower their body fat percentage ... Miguel Martinez and Julie Silva, both 16, were the youngest in the Challenge. Ida Lujan, 81, and Carlos Thomas, 77, were the oldest female and male, respectively ... Thirty-nine city employees took part in the Challenge, named for the late former mayor who first launched the activity to encourage exercise.