Time Travel

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By Raven Romero

Don’t people get tired of saying “hi” to each other every day? It’s like a replay, over and over again, except you’ve changed clothes, your hair might or might not be different, and you’ve aged. The aging isn’t necessarily noticeable, maybe at most, you’ve lost a few more hairs that will never grow back, or a couple of extra wrinkles have inserted themselves on your face. Subtle changes which are only noticeable over time. It’s only after a few months or even years that you really look at yourself in the mirror and say, “What have I become? Here I spent all of this time thinking I’d be young forever and now I look ancient.” People often think they will remain youthful forever. Yes, they know that one day they will get old, but they never actually imagine it. When the time does come, it’s scary. And sad. Sad that you can’t reverse time.

You probably think it’s funny that I’m saying this, after all I’m 18 and people my age shouldn’t be worrying about wrinkles and aging and white hairs. But it is something I think about, mostly because I think a little too much about everything. It’s also because I often wonder what I’ll look like when I’m older, much older. The idea of time travel has always interested me.

Recently, I read a book called The Time Traveler’s Wife, a love story about Henry DeTamble, a man who is cursed and blessed with the ability to time travel, but not on his own accord.

A genetic mutation causes him to spontaneously travel through time, disappearing from view, leaving behind his clothes and possessions, and arriving naked in another time and another place. He goes into the past and meets a six-year-old girl, Clare, who in the future is his wife. Through the years of his visits to her as a little girl, and eventually to their meeting in real life, they fall deeply in love. The story is overall very sad, illustrating the troubles Clare and Henry go through, but showing how their love always overcomes the distress of Henry’s disorder. I won’t say too much though, incase you are planning to read it or watch the movie, which comes out this year.

So, if by chance you’re looking for a good book and love story to read this week, check out The Time Traveler’s Wife, by Audrey Niffenegger. Grab a copy of this book and throw yourself headlong into their story. It’s time well spent.

Raven Romero, a Robertson High School senior, is an intern with the Las Vegas Optic. She can be reached at