Thumbs - Our high country lowdown on the news - May 11, 2012

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By Optic Editorial Board

THUMBS UP! NO CLOSINGS. Good news for Holman, Villanueva and thousands of other rural communities across the nation — the U.S. Postal Service has scrapped its plan to close about 3,700 post offices, instead opting to cut hours instead.

That’s a big win for rural areas that depend so heavily on their local post offices. The reduction in hours is unfortunate, but it’s certainly better than seeing rural post offices shuttered.

THUMBS UP! BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. President Obama finally found the personal and political courage to express his support for gay marriages, something we think he should have done years ago. But the fact that he did so after North Carolina — a swing state for the upcoming presidential election — passed a ban on gay marriage shows some political courage.

Polls indicate the nation is fairly evenly divided on this issue; we hope the president’s stand tilts the scale in favor of this civil rights issue.

THUMBS DOWN! WHOOPING COUGH DEATH. The New Mexico Department of Health says a San Miguel County 2-month old has died from whooping cough — the first such death in the state since 2005, even though the state experienced more pertussis cases in 2011 than in any years since the 1980s. So far this year, New Mexico has identified 110 cases, including 13 infant cases.

Our heart goes out to the family. Let’s hope it’s the only pertussis-related death this year.

THUMBS UP! FUN - FILLED WEEKEND. There’s always something going on over a Las Vegas-area weekend, but a couple of events this Saturday have caught our eye. One is the Gallinas Watershed Olympics, from 12:30 to 5 p.m. Saturday at the United World College, which will include fun and games and a celebration of our invaluable watershed. The other event is the first Meadow City Music Festival on Saturday, which will include a $10-at-the-door dance at the Plaza Hotel.

Both sound fun and unique. Enjoy the weekend.

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“What you did not only smells bad, it was flat-out wrong, and you should have known better.” — Judge Eugenio Mathis, as he nixed the Mora-San Miguel Electric Cooperative election scheduled for this past Tuesday. Mathis ordered the co-op to reverse its previous action and put Rock Ulibarri back on the ballot.