Thumbs: Our high country lowdown on the news - Jan. 11, 2013

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THUMBS UP! TRYING AGAIN. There comes a point when you just can’t abandon a project, and we suppose that’s been the case with the Mora County Courthouse, which seems to be taking forever to complete, and at an enormous price tag. Commissioners are once again asking the Legislature for additional funds, but this time they’re also interested in securing a loan from the state Finance Authority to help with its completion. The borrowed money would be paid back with revenue from leasing part of the building to the Administrative Office of the Courts.
We like the approach and agree with Commissioner Paula Garcia that it should place the county in a better position to get the funds in the upcoming legislative session.

THUMBS DOWN! ANOTHER LEAK. A pressure valve near Luna Community College is the latest leak in the city’s water system, but this time around only a few thousand gallons were lost — a “small” leak compared to the last couple of leaks reported.
We’ve known for some time now that the city’s water lines are in need of some serious repairs, but the recent succession of leaks makes us wonder if it’s about to hit critical mass. What’s worse is that the new revenue to be raised with recent water rates increases isn’t going to be enough to fix these and other water system problems facing the city.

THUMBS UP! THANKFULLY, THEY’RE OK. Last weekend a fire broke out at the home of Ray and Joyce Litherland, owners of Community First Bank and great contributors to the all-round betterment of Las Vegas. Several people saw the fire and, suspecting that the Litherlands would have a difficult time escaping, rushed to assist. Thankfully, they got both of them safely out.
It may be a cliche, but the Litherlands really are “pillars of the community,” and we, like everyone else, are so very glad they got out safely, and thankful to all who rushed over to help.

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 “Their spirits are great. They just want to thank the whole community that has come out with the overpowering support between food and lodging and clothing and everything else that they’ve offered. They would just like to thank everybody for what they’ve done.”
— Ernesto Salazar, vice president at Community First Bank bank, referring to the Litherlands after their house fire.