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By Optic Editorial Board

THUMBS DOWN! WHOLE LOT OF SHAKIN’. Colorado experienced its largest earthquake in 38 years just before midnight on Monday, when a magnitude 5.3 quake hit just south of Trinidad and north of the New Mexico line. Residents of northern New Mexico felt it as well — as far south as Springer, we hear.
Meanwhile, the East Coast, while bracing for a hurricane, was shaken by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake. Not since Barack Obama’s election has D.C. been so shaken up.
Down here in Las Vegas, our idea of an earthquake is loud thunder. A real earthquake here would really shake us up.

THUMBS UP! KING HONORED. This week marked the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the National Mall in Washington. Pictures of the stone monument look quite impressive, as well it should be.
Another great reason to visit the District of Columbia. There’s nothing like visiting our nation’s capital to give one an appreciation for just how great of a country we live in.

THUMBS DOWN! BEARS EVERYWHERE. You’ve got to feel sorry for the bears, so hungry they’re leaving their own natural habitat in search of food, but the pity only goes so far. Having them roam our city streets is just too dangerous, which is why game wardens and police officers are so busy trying to keep them out of our human habitats.
No need to be paranoid, but it’s still a good idea to take some extra precautions. Watch out for your kids and pets, don’t leave food out, and use some common sense when outdoors. No one’s been hurt or attacked so far. Let’s make sure it stays that way.

THUMBS UP! AHHH, RAIN. It may not be enough to make a huge contribution to our water supply, but these rains feel great. The monsoons got off to a slow start this season, but this week we’ve had some good moisture, for which we are thankful.

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“New Mexico has an overwhelming interest in politics, but only a fleeting interest in governing.”
— Former Gov. David Cargo, at the unveiling of a bronze bust in his likeness at the State Capital.