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By The Staff

UP thumb MISTAKE ADDRESSED PROPERLY. After revelations that the city violated its own ordinance by approving a Chamber of Commerce contract without running it by the Lodgers Tax Board — which had been disbanded earlier this year — the mayor and council took a step back to fix the mistake. A new board has now been named with able-bodied business people on it and the process can now move forward legally.

The only thing worse than making a mistake is making one then refusing to own up to it. Mayor Tony Marquez acted appropriately in acknowledging the error and taking steps to correct it.

UP thumb STILL AFTER MORE INVOLVEMENT. Meanwhile, two other panels have been created by the mayor — one to address issues that surface with festivals and movie making, the other to address the city’s recreation needs. Commendations to both the mayor, for his emphasis on citizen participation, and the citizens who willingly step up and give of their time and talent to improve the community.

DOWN thumb FATAL MISHAP. A fatality on Friday afternoon gave a tragic start to this year’s rough Rider Motorcycle Rally. Antonia Bernal, 59, of Springer died shortly after the motorcycle she was on was hit by a vehicle at Grand and Baca avenues.

Let’s hope this is the only fatality we’ll ever see at this annual event.

UP thumb STILL CELEBRATING. Two more area fiestas took place last weekend, has such events continue to brighten up the summer. Fiestas in Mora and Villanueva were great successes, with plenty of music, fun and fellowship taking place at both locations.

UP thumb BETTER THAN AVERAGE. We haven’t yet seen the total rainfall amount for July in Las Vegas, but we’re certain it has been well over the average of 3.3 inches for the month. And we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ll see more than the 3.7-inch average this August.

The year’s monsoon season has been a good one, and that’s cause for yet another celebration. Thank you, Mother Nature.

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“I think it’s good that we give our teachers the opportunity to come up with some innovative ways to raise money, but the safety factor to me is more important than sending kids door or door selling candy. At the same time, we’re trying to promote healthier schools and not provide a host of carbonated drinks and candy, but on the other hand, the kids are selling it.”

— City Schools board member Ramon “Swoops” Montao at a meeting last week. He vowed to continue to explore other ways to raise money for extracurricular activities.