Thoughts on Mora’s courthouses

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I read the last plans on the Mora County Complex building, and I was wondering exactly how the $2.6 million had been spent.

I recall that while I was in office several of us went to Santa Fe to ask for money for a new courthouse, and we were given $1 million.

There was also supposed to be a percentage of the $2.6 million to go to the arts. It was my dream that with that percentage a memorial dome would be erected to honor all those who served in the Armed Forces and went missing in action or were killed in the different wars.

It’s too bad that my dreams never became reality. We had plans to renovate the old historical courthouse, and the money that was available was enough to cover all costs without putting additional debt on the taxpayers. Good luck to the new commission, but if I was them, I would look over my shoulder because the ghost that lived in the old courthouse, I’m sure, does not appreciate higher taxes on the people of Mora.

Mora is the second poorest county in the state and we need to learn to live within our means.

P.S. I see the clinic is going to get money for ambulance services. It’s time a garage is built for the ambulance.

Rosalie Regensberg