They’re really self servants

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Who is to blame for our country’s problems? Big business? The government? In his Editor’s Note “The blame game” (Nov. 14), Tom McDonald induced a great discussion and a lot of thinking at my house.

We had just watched a thought provoking Piece by Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes the night before. They wondered why senators and congressman spent millions on getting a job that only pays $174,000 per year and after a few years retire as millionaires well exceeding the money paid to them during their term. When you think about it, it just doesn’t add up.

I think, Mr. McDonald, it’s both. When you listen to a politician talk, he will tell you that he loves the people and the country and that is why he is a public servant. They are not public servants. They are self servants. They don’t do it for free. They are paid public employees.

The only true public servant I’ve ever heard of was Mother Teresa.

Mr. Kroft found out our congressmen make money on stock trades with inside information from their work and it’s perfectly legal. They are exempt. Although some congressmen have tried to change the law with the Stock Act, they can’t get more than six cosponsors and it is tabled every year. It doesn’t have a chance in ever passing. Why kill the golden goose?

It may not be illegal but it sure smells. They are eligible to other honest graft with lobbyists and that will never change either with many congressmen becoming lobbyists after they retire or working for other government contractors.

In the end, it is all our fault. We keep electing them and we and the press don’t ask them the right questions. We should only elect someone who will not make it a career and will vote for spending limits in running for office. Someone who will vote for reform in their offices and support the stock act. Someone who will return from their term with only their salary. We have to hold their feet to the fire, make sure that they are not only legally in the right but morally in the right.
We cannot elect someone who is saying they love us and is really robbing us. Don’t believe the public servant BS.

Jose J. Marquez
Las Vegas