Thanks for rapid, thorough response

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By The Staff

I wanted to say a big thank you to the police department and Walgreens for their quick, efficient and professional assistance in handling a situation that I was recently involved in.

A few days ago, while shopping in Walgreens, I foolishly left my wallet momentarily on the cash register counter. When I looked back, it was mysteriously gone! The store clerk called the manager, who quickly reviewed the video recording and informally described the person who had picked up the wallet and had walked out of the store while I was fussing with my bags.

I called 911 on the cell phone and the police were there within two minutes. While I was still trying to figure out what had happened, the police had already reviewed the tape and another officer had been given the culprits description and had already detained the suspect for questioning. Within 30 minutes I had my wallet back with the contents intact.

While I felt so very stupid for carelessly laying down my wallet in the first place, I was more than impressed with the helpfulness of the Walgreens manager as well as the police department that were so rapid in handling the problem.

I only wish I had thought to get the officers names as well as the Walgreens manager to thank them personally. Since I did not, I just wanted to say a big public thank you to both the police department and the Walgreens personnel. I owe them both — and I will try not to be so stupid as to leave my wallet lying around in the future.

Isn’t it incredible how smart we get right after we do something real dumb?

Patrick Rucker

Las Vegas