Thanks to all who helped me

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During my recent stay in Las Vegas I became ill and was admitted to Alta Vista Hospital, this letter is a thank you to all the people who helped me during my stay.

First to Erica Gallegos for her help with the dogs and to Christian for coming to the house and plugging up the area in the fence so the dogs could not get out. And last but certainly not least to all the people at Alta Vista, from the ER receptionist who saw the distress I was in and got me ahead of some other people.

I must say I did not meet anyone at the hospital who was not caring and friendly, and took the time from the their busy schedule to explain everything that was going on. And the student nurses were fantastic also. There are not enough words to express the quality of care I received

My doctor was Dr. C. a great doctor, a fantastic conversationalist and an even more fantastic photographer, world traveler and all around great human being.

I have a daughter-in-law who is an RN and a sister who is also an RN, a niece who is also an RN none in NM, but I know what caring nurses are about.

Again, great hospital, great nurses and doctors, lab workers, respiratory therapist and x-ray techs all friendly and caring. If I left anyone out I am sorry. You all were great.

Maxylene Lrabbe
Rio Rancho