Thankful thumbs

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By Optic Editorial Board


HOLIDAY THANKS. We hope you didn’t forget to slow down yesterday and think about all the blessings in your life. And since today is Black Friday, when shoppers turn out in droves to spend, spend, spend, we hope our local merchants will have plenty to be thankful for, too. Bring on the holidays!

THE MAYOR’S COMMUNITY FUND. Earlier this year, in conjunction with the city’s 175th anniversary celebration, Las Vegas Mayor Alfonso Ortiz launched a new fund to benefit the many wonderful nonprofits in town. After the fund topped $20,000, Ortiz then proceeded to divvy out some of the money — with 10 program getting nearly $2,500 in immediate financial assistance.
The fund will be useful for a variety of worthwhile charities in town, and the fact that it’s already in the thousands is a testament to the generosity in our community. We’re confident it will be put to good use this holiday season.

THE FIESTAS, ANYWAY. Without a doubt, this has been a tough year for the Las Vegas Fiesta Council, which was recently stripped of its powers by city officials. But let’s not forget that we still had an enjoyable 122nd annual fiestas last July and can expect another good one next summer. It’s the event of the year for our wonderfully rambunctious town.
Here’s hoping, and expecting, the community will come together and organize another great event for 2011.

TIME TO GOVERN. The radio and television ads, especially in the governor’s race, were obnoxious and misleading, but we got through it and fulfilled our obligations as an electorate. And while northeastern New Mexico still held its Democratic base, Republican candidate Susana Martinez garnered a substantial percentage of the vote — even dancing, literally, with a prominent Democratic operative in the final days of the campaign.
We wish all the winners, from Gov.-elect Martinez on down, the best in the coming year. After all, the real challenge — to govern wisely and well — around the corner.

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“We can complain because rose  bushes  have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
— Abraham Lincoln